BART Management Reneges on Fair Agreement with Its Unions and Insists on Undoing Six Months of Negotiations

Earlier this evening, the BART Board of Directors announced that they have no intention of voting and approving a strike-ending agreement that their Management team and negotiators bargained with its two largest unions for six months. SEIU 1021 Executive Director Pete Catelli released the following statement regarding the announcement:

“After telling the thousands of riders and their workers that we had a fair agreement, BART Management has pulled the rug from underneath the unions and the Bay Area today by going back on their word and urging the BART Board of Directors to turn this agreement down.

Singling out a tentative agreement they prepared and agreed to in July and citing over-inflated numbers, BART Management is trying to hit the reset button and renege on the agreement that their $399,000 chief negotiator bargained for them.

Make no mistake: there was no confusion or glitch in the agreement. BART’s high-priced chief negotiator Thomas Hock, Assistant General Manager Paul Oversier, and Labor Relations Manager Rudy Medina, signed an agreement that would allow BART workers some paid time off to care for a family member with a serious illness.

But once again, BART Management is moving the goal post to a fair agreement.

Once again, the workers and the riders have been played by a management team simply unwilling to settle this contract.”

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