BART General Manager Grace Crunican Shatters Fragile Framework of Agreement

Workers Demand BART General Manager Grace Crunican Bargain with Workers to Avoid a Strike and to Reach an Agreement Before End of the Cooling-Off Period
Oakland, CA –After bargaining in back-to-back 12-hour sessions, negotiators for BART’s largest unions, SEIU 1021 and ATU 155, released the following statement

“With the 60-day cooling off period quickly coming to an end, negotiators for BART Management have pulled the rug from underneath the unions as well as the entire Bay Area today.  Last night both parties were closing in on an agreement after spending a day working on terms that would meet all parties’ needs. Today, the unions came to the bargaining table with the hope that we could close the gap and reach a final agreement.

However, we were completely taken aback when BART Management backed up and withdrew their offer, claiming to have been confused the day before.

There was no confusion. Instead, BART’s hired gun, Thomas Hock, at the direction of General Manager, Grace Crunican, lied to the unions, shattering the fragile framework of an agreement. The union has done everything possible to avoid a strike at this point.   The parties came within range of each other’s financial proposals – in fact, the gap between the two, on Tuesday, was less than the amount that BART plans to spend on strike contingency plans.

Instead of focusing on the negotiation table, BART Management has already placed deposits towards buses that will be used to transport a minimal amount of passengers during a strike.

The unions will continue to engage in the bargaining process in an effort to reach an agreement tomorrow.”

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