Hayward Employees Begin a 3-Day ULP Strike on Tuesday

The City of Hayward has refused to bargain with its workers, who have already given back more than $7 million – or 12% of their wages — since 2010. Meanwhile workers have identified $50 million in revenue that could be used to help fund vital services, jobs and wages.

Oakland, CA – After enduring the city of Hayward’s refusal to engage in real negotiations, workers filed Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against the city and last week, they voted to go on a 3-day ULP strike, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013.

Workers were hoping to have genuine back-and-forth dialogue with the city since negotiations began in February, but the city has not moved and declared “impasse” on July 26, indicating their refusal to negotiate despite repeated attempts by the union to continue bargaining. While the city has a surplus, city officials are demanding workers give up 17% of their take-home pay.

“These workers were expected to simply take what the city put on the table, which amounts to another 5% cut on top of the 12% they took last year,” said Gary Jimenez, Vice President of Local 1021.

The city’s attack on workers is bad for the local economy too. The average worker in Hayward makes about $55,000 per year and after essentials has very little to spend in the community.

“This is unsustainable for us and the community,” said Jimenez. “Instead of listening to their own workers, the city has refused to negotiate, walked away from the table, and declared impasse, essentially forcing us to strike.”

SEIU’s Hayward chapter represents more than 350 city workers, from librarian assistants, water sanitation and water treatment workers, street maintenance and road crews, crime scene technicians, 911 dispatchers and administrative staff.

These workers filed 11 ULP charges with the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB).

Union members are currently working without a contract, which expired on April 30.

Citing the city’s own financial records, workers say there is $50 million that could be used to make workers whole again. Instead, workers claim the city is using revenue overflow on unnecessary pet projects.

In June, Hayward members voted in overwhelmingly — 93% — to authorize a strike, which has since been sanctioned by ­­the Alameda Labor Council.

Press availability for Tuesday. Aug. 13, 2013

· 6 AM – City Hall, 777 B. Street, Hayward. Kickoff of three-day strike.

· 12 NOON — City Hall, 777 B Street. Press availability, picket lines and labor rally.

· 5 PM — City Hall, 777 B Street. Press availability, picket lines and labor rally.

Press Contact: Anna Bakalis, Anna.Bakalis@seiu1021.org, 510-387-5341

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