Solano members talk the talk, walk the (strike) walk in bargaining

After our Solano County members voted to ask for sanction to strike, they decided to tell the county supervisors in person by visiting a board meeting on the way to bargaining Wednesday. Members have not actually voted to set a strike date yet; rater they’ve requested and received sanction for a strike from our Executive Board and the Central Labor Council, an important first step. A separate strike vote would have to occur before a strike can occur.

On Wednesday morning, the union informed the Board of Supervisors of the strike sanction and need for a wage proposal; later that same day the County’s team presented a hastily assembled wage proposal. The County’s management bargaining team also went out of its way to state that the Board of Supervisors is now committed to remedying the cuts from the last contract, but at a sustainable rate. While the first wage proposal is modest — a one percent wage increase along with a one percent cash bonus — it represents significant progress.

Before Wednesday the entire discussion had centered on the County’s “net zero” proposal (the same position taken recently by San Joaquin County).

But while members are encouraged by the County’s movement, they’re still pushing ahead with strike preparations and strategy. More than 100 members have registered for the Local 1021 Strike School taking place on Tuesday, August 6, at 6pm at the Fairfield Community Center, Willow Hall, 1000 Kentucky Street, Fairfield.

Our members in San Joaquin County and the Superior Court of Alameda County did the same thing, making a deal happen by authorizing and prepping for a strike while hanging tough at the table. A recent one-day strike in the City of Oakland resulted in a quick settlement and better contract.

To register for the Solano Strike School, call the Member Resource Center at 1-877-OUR-1021.

Daily Republic: “Solano County’s largest union says strike possible”


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