Thomas Hock and His $399,000 in Taxpayer-Funded Salary to Go On Vacation, Resulting In the Cancelation of BART Negotiations While Bay Area Is Left Hanging

Oakland, CA – A week after provoking a strike and leaving thousands of Bay Area residents stranded, Thomas Hock, the District’s high-paid, out-of-town negotiator with a long history of anti-union practices, has effectively canceled BART negotiations.

Statement from SEIU Local 1021:

“With a possible disruption in Bay Area rider service hanging in the balance, Thomas Hock and his $399,000 taxpayer funded salary are going on vacation, which has caused the cancelation of an entire week of negotiations. This makes it clear for all to see that BART Board President Tom Radulovich, BART General Manager Grace Crunican and their hatchet man, Thomas Hock, are simply not engaging in good faith negotiations,” said John Arantes, President of the BART Chapter of SEIU 1021. “Where can Hock be going on vacation that is more important than making sure the interests of the taxpayers paying his $399,000 a year salary? Given what he is being paid, Hock needs to cancel his vacation and get back to the negotiating table.”

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