SEIU 1021 Issues Statements on End of BART Strike

Oakland, CA – Late last night, SEIU 1021, ATU, and the BART District agreed to accept the state mediators’ proposal to extend the current contract through August 4, 2013. The agreement, designed to encourage good faith bargaining, bars lockouts, strikes, and includes measures that would prevent unilateral implementation of a contract.

A Statement from Roxanne Sanchez, SEIU 1021 President:

“Today BART workers can return to working on a system that they’ve helped make one of the country’s best and get back to keeping the Bay Area moving.

We regret that BART’s high-paid, out-of-state negotiators did not share this same commitment to our communities, that they chose to stall and bargain through the media, consequently leaving hundreds of thousands of Bay Area residents stranded and costing our local economy hundreds of millions of dollars. BART workers would like to assure the public that we are working diligently to quickly reach a resolution that is fair and improves safety for both riders and workers.

We thank the leadership of Labor Secretary Marty Morgenstern and the work of the mediators to bring about an agreement that gives BART management the chance to reverse direction and do the right thing.”

Statement from Pete Castelli, SEIU 1021 Executive Director, on BART negotiations:

“We are happy to be back to work moving the Bay Area, but we do so knowing that BART management has raised hypocrisy to a whole new level. Management has spent taxpayer money on themselves like they were Wall Street bankers! While BART General Manager Grace Crunican pays herself $320,000/year, she refuses to adjust employee compensation to simply keep up with the cost of living here in the Bay Area.

BART management has spent a million dollars of taxpayer money paying consultants to pursue a union busting strategy based on the tactics of what anti-labor forces have done in the Midwest over the last several years. But we have news for them: the Bay Area will stand up for working people.”

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