Oakland City Workers Announce Strike, Along with BART and the Community


After management’s ongoing, stalled negotiations with BART workers and Oakland employees, more than 5,000 workers, community and labor allies are preparing for a strike beginning Monday at midnight.

Oakland, CA – Workers united with SEIU Local 1021 stood in front of Oakland City Hall today to announce they will strike on Monday, effectively shutting down most city operations in Oakland.

“Managers are refusing to work with us in a fair, equitable fashion. We have had enough and workers are ready. The community is ready,” said Roxanne Sanchez, President of SEIU 1021. Believing in good jobs for the community that pay fair wages, offer healthcare and a secure retirement – these are modest ideals. These are not just union ideals. These are American ideals. This is a community strike.”

Oakland city workers believe their employer has short-changed residents the much-needed programs and services that allow the community to thrive. Because of a false choice the city has presented, pitting public services against public safety, workers say they have already paid the price.

Now, city employees are being asked for an additional 10 percent cut in their take-home pay, on top of the $122 million they gave back over the last few years.

BART workers are still negotiating with the District through the weekend, pushing for measures that would improve safety for workers and riders alike. Workers continue to attempt to negotiate with BART over issues of safety, staffing levels, and compensation, but the District is refusing to bargain over these critical issues after delaying the bargaining process.

The announcement of the Oakland strike came a few hours after BART sent their 72-hour notice to the public of a pending strike that could shut down of all BART train operations throughout the Bay Area.

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