A Public Message from SEIU 1021 President Roxanne Sanchez


We are the true public servants in our community.

We are the ones who keep the Bay Area moving, our communities clean, healthy, safe and enrich and humanize our libraries, parks and afterschool programs.

Years of layoffs have affected public safety and services. Crippling cuts have not just made our jobs more difficult, but put undue strain on our livelihoods, our families and our communities.

Believing in good jobs that pay fair wages, offer health care and a secure retirement — these are modest ideals. These are UNION ideals.

As proud members of SEIU 1021, in response to years of neglect at the hands of our employers, it is time we take hold of these ideals and own them once again.

Our employers make us choose between workers vs. residents, and fair wages vs. public services. We can no longer accept the false choices. We need to get back the money Wall Street and the banks took from us and our communities.

Neither the City of Oakland nor BART executives are doing what they need to do to get what is owed to the community from Wall Street. The banks have gouged our communities of jobs, revenue and vital services.

Our employers are choosing the 1% over the 99%; Wall Street over Main Street and banks over the residents and workers of Oakland.

But this Monday, July 1, we draw a line.

Be prepared for a major strike that will impact San Francisco, Oakland and much of the Bay Area. We have rallied community and union support, and we must all be present and accounted for as 1021 members and staff.

I look forward to standing up with you on July 1 for working families in the Bay Area and indeed across the nation.

We are SEIU Local 1021 — and we are ready to fight to win.

Your participation is key to winning. Join us for one of these key events: 12 noon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland and 4 p.m.  at the Civic Center in San Francisco

In Unity,

Roxanne Sanchez,
President of SEIU Local 1021

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