Local 1021 members: “We can’t believe the county’s hype”


In their first show of strength, SEIU Local 1021 members in the County of Solano gathered county-wide as part of the first major action as part of the “Reinvest in Solano” campaign.

More than 350 workers in three locations received independent analysis, fact and figures pertaining to Local 1021’s contract negotiations with county management. The analysis revealed that Solano County’s financial position is stable and anticipated revenues are growing.

“We’ve always known that we cannot believe the county’s hype regarding its so-called deficits—now we have an independent financial analysis which shows that Solano County is in a far better financial position then they would have us believe,” said James Woolsey, President of the Local 1021 Solano County Chapter.

“Now we know management has the money needed to reinvest in our county and the work that Local 1021 members do.”

As part of the upcoming contract campaign, SEIU Local 1021 will be launching a collaborative effort which aims to bring community groups, labor unions, and the general public together to demand that the Board of Supervisors invests its increasing revenues into services for the citizens of Solano County.

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