San Francisco Workers Defend Gains of ‘Pay Equity’ for Women and People of Color

More than 100 workers joined the action at the Women's Commission to defend pay equity for women and people of color

San Francisco, CA — City Administrators are poised to cut wages for up to 45 classifications, jobs traditionally held by women and people of color. More than 100 workers joined in the first action of the campaign. More actions will follow! Including a big action on Feb. 14 and another on March 5. Check back soon.

The Women’s Commission was key in the fight against wage discrimination in the 80’s, and city workers called on the commission to help in the fight against wage loss for women and people of color and some of the lowest-paid workers in the city.

“This is an outrage that after 30 years we have to continue to defend our rights for pay equity,” said Karen Joubert, a staffing coordinator at Laguna Honda Hospital. Many healthcare workers would be disproportionally impacted by these potential wage cuts, Joubert said.

The City appears to be undermining the progress made for these workers since a civil rights victory won in the 80s.

SEIU Local 1021 recently received notification that the city is considering 45 classifications – from personnel and payroll clerks to healthcare workers, custodians, child welfare workers and custodians – for possible wage decreases.

“We must defend pay equity rights for our daughters, sisters and mothers,” said Joubert. “No one can divide us. We are all fighting for good jobs in San Francisco.

SF Examiner Story that ran on 1/23/13:

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