Election Night 2012: Local 1021 Members Make the Difference

On behalf of SEIU Local 1021 Officers, the Director of Field and Programs and the Director of Operations, I want to give you my sincerest thanks for the work you did to make our political program successful in 2012. With the passage of Proposition 30 and the defeat of Proposition 32, Local 1021 members helped secure a major victory for the future of California.

Prop. 30 passed with almost 54 percent of the vote—an 8 point victory. Prop. 32 failed with more than 56 percent voting no – a 12 point win for labor. The “No on 32” campaign proved effective and the passage of Prop. 30 was critical for Local 1021, averting $6 billion in trigger cuts to education and even more cuts to the services our members provide.

Local 1021 figured prominently in the 30/32 campaigns. Our members and staff led the charge on 30, carrying the banner to tax millionaires and fund education and other critical services. We collected signatures to qualify 30 for the ballot, then moved forward through election night to win. Our member-led campaign, spearheaded by one-on-one conversations with voters, helped propel the initiative.

Candidates supporting labor and the services we provide were also a focal point of our efforts in 2012. The work we did in candidate races and on issues, specifically on the phones and walking precincts, made the difference in some of these contests. We won most of our campaigns, but also lost a few tough ones.

We have witnessed how aggressively anti-union forces are pushing their agenda in California, but we have also seen how strong we are when we are united and mobilized. I look forward to continuing to work with you to build a stronger political program for a stronger union.

Chris Daly
Local 1021 Political Director

Download information on SEIU Local 1021’s Priority Race Results (PDF)

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