Interview: San Joaquin Board of Supervisors Candidate Rhodesia Ransom

1021: Why do you want to be supervisor? What are your qualifications?

Ransom: I want to be supervisor because I provide the best qualifications and relevant experience. The Board of Supervisors looks out for all of our major public services, and these services really do serve the middle class and protect the economy here locally. It’s not time to have a politician in office who really does not care about the middle class, because without the middle class, our economy is not going to do well, which hurts the entire community.

1021: What role do public service employees play in San Joaquin and what role do you see them playing in the future?

Ransom: Public employees are very important to this county. What people don’t realize is the County itself is one of the biggest employers in the county. That means as we keep these employees working, we keep the services efficient. The more people we have working that are earning an income, the more they’re able to turn over dollars in our community.

Those services are essential that are provided at the county level. When you think about programs such as Head Start, it prepares kids for the future so that they can be our future leaders. When you think about our General Hospital, until we get to a point where everyone does have access to health care, we need to make sure that we are in a position to provide access to quality health care. Because if people aren’t healthy in your community, you can’t expect them to show up for work, you can’t expect them to show up for school.

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