Proposition 32 is Bad for Both Republican and Democratic Local 1021 Members

Political views can change, no matter how you grow up.

Donna Jackson grew up in a Democratic family—now she and her brother and sister are Republicans.

Jackson is an outreach technician for the Amador County Public Health Department. She works in the community with children’s programs and understands that defeat of Proposition 32 is critical for all SEIU Local 1021 members.

“This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue,” said Jackson. “It’s a union issue.”

Prop. 32 silences unions by prohibiting the use of payroll deductions funds on politics. It would take away unions’ ability to fight for work safety and environmental regulations.

This initiative will impede unions’ ability to fight against outsourcing of jobs, school closures, lay-offs and budget cuts. The next time threats of minimum wage, collective bargaining, or lunch breaks are under attack, unions will be prohibited from fighting back.

At the same time, Prop. 32 creates loopholes that allow big corporations and billionaires to fund their political campaigns without any limitation. Proposition 32 is a trick to give the big corporations and billionaires even more political power.

“Proposition 32 is one more step toward Wisconsin,” said Jackson. “It will take our rights away.”

In its report regarding Proposition 32, California Legislative Analyst’s Office found:

“The state would experience increased costs to investigate alleged violations of the law and to respond to requests for advice. In addition, state and local governments would experience some other increased administrative costs. Combined, these costs could exceed $1 million annually.”

“Proposition 32 will waste taxpayers’ money,” said Jackson. “It’s one more way for the government to get involved in something they have no business in.”

Stand up for union members by joining the campaign to defeat Proposition 32. Pledge to vote no on Proposition 32 by clicking here.

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