Convention Workshop: Organizing The Unorganized

Organizing The Unorganized Workshop, conducted by Reserve Organizing Corps (ROC) Coordinators Jan Schardt and Mercedes Riggleman, was well attended.

On Saturday 42 people came and on Sunday 65 people came. Starting with the history of unionism, an overview was presented of how we arrived to the point where we are today with only 7% of workers in non-government jobs represented. Jan and Mercedes inspired with the importance of helping people form a union at their workplace, especially non-profit workers. Stressing the importance of the authenticity of members stories, of how our union has enabled us to achieve what we have in our worksites, they energized the attendees.

“What really made my weekend was that a member who had before the workshop told me she didn’t understand why we were organizing non-profits, came up to me at the end of the workshop saying she now understood the importance of this work and signed up to volunteer in the ROC.” said Jan Schardt, Napa Valley College, ROC Administrative and Campaign Coordinator. Apparently she wasn’t the only one as over 40 people signed up with the ROC and many took brochures to distribute at their worksites. Way to go Jan and Mercedes!

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